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The B162 table collection is a flexible solution that can serve as a singular desk or be ganged together for multiple configurations and uses. Envisioned as a modern, tech-capable Parsons table, the wire management is cleverly routed through the corner legs to provide the feeling of a traditional open desk. The tabletop charging ports are integrated into the flush bronze metal inset at the center of each table. For the library version of the table, a custom designed light fixture in a matching bronze finish ties seamlessly into the center insert. Whether to be used for  active collaboration or quiet focus, the B162 table collection is the perfect fit.



The B162 Grand collection was designed to complement monumental architectural spaces, from luxury hotel and office lobbies to museum galleries. The collection consists of round ottomans that range in size from four feet to seven feet in diameter making them a grounding presence in any expansive space. The ottomans were envisioned as both elegant and approachable; playful yet sophisticated. Each ottoman is a crisp circle with tight tolerances and handcrafted precision. Contrasting with this rigor, the top of each ottoman has organic, swirling, swooping stitch patterns, where on occasion a small back cushion sits within the pattern overlap to provide an extra support and respite for those who wait. The top of the ottoman is upholstered in 100% plush wool for a pleasant tactile experience upon sitting down. The wool wraps down the side of the ottoman and terminates at a crisp polished stainless-steel band with a vegan leather wrap below. The base is deeply recessed in so that the ottomans appear to float above the floor, thus relieving them of some of their weightiness.



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