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“Back to the Future: A Houston home’s mid-century design gets a modern update” by Gwendolyn Purdom, Design Bureau, November – December 2013



The design for this two story, 3,900 sqft, residence in central Houston was initially inspired by the couples’ previous classic modern residence. The original residence was organized around a series of high walled courtyards allowing interior spaces a strong sense of connectivity with the exterior while maintaining visual privacy from the street. The Banks street project is organized around a two sided glass walled living space with a high walled intimate front courtyard and a pool lined rear yard. The kitchen is physically connected, yet remains visually uncluttered since many of the kitchen’s functional devices remain behind a butlers‘ pantry tower element. A powder room and wine storage area are adjacent to the garage entry sequence. The landing of the stair leading to the second floor has a wall defined by two full height vertical slots which conceal the return air ducts for both of the houses’ mechanical units. The stair lands in a bookcase lined sitting room attached to a covered balcony overlooking the pool area. This balcony wraps around a privacy screen to provide a private outdoor space for a guest suite. One of the owners is a jewelry designer and keeps her studio along the houses’ street facing north elevation. The space is outfitted with durable sanded plywood floors and utilitarian lighting and is pre-planned to be subdivided into two future bedrooms and an additional bathroom. The master suite occupies the opposite side of the floor and has views to the intimate front courtyard. A coffee service bar is situated between the master bath and his and hers closets. The master bath has distinct sides for each occupant and is dominated by a full length counter/mirror/window arrangement. Views are carefully composed as a means to maximize the sense of tranquility and isolation from the otherwise busy urban environment. The house is thoroughly environmentally responsible by employing the very latest in window and wall insulation, moisture management, and reflective roofing. The use of recycled wood and exposed concrete flooring along with landscaping that uses native Texas plantings aid in reducing the projects overall impact on the environment.


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