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This sampling of a collection acronyms and numeronyms recently added to MaRS’ urban vocabulary acts as a primer for helping better understand the Life and Style of Denver. Straddling the line between quaint town and legit city, Denver is having a moment. Situated at the convergence of mountain and plains, mainstream and subculture, bros and hipsters, flatlanders and 14er’s, Denver is certainly anything but homogeneous. Social, physical and historical forces help form all cities, but Denver’s drive toward its current iteration feels different and perhaps unprecedented. We see a city rediscovering itself and reinhabiting that which was once less desirable while still discovering new territories to inhabit in the best tradition of western migration. As people continue to redefine priorities around life and work, the advantages of the lifestyle and opportunities evident in Denver will continue to grow a vibrant community. While Fixies, pow pow and Colorado Kool-Aid will continue to attract the hip Trustafarians and next gen talent to the mile high, the city still feels well connected to its heritage.


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