Houston has the dubious distinction as being routinely ranked among Americas fattest cities.  According to recent CDC statistics, 34 percent of Houstonians are considered obese.  Sadly, Men’s Fitness magazine has given its highest honor to Houston four times in the past 12 years.  The magazine blamed the city's heat, which tends to discourage jogging, an average commute time of 28 minutes and the lack of mass transit as factors. The magazine also noted that Houston is home to more fast-food joints (1,034) than any other city in America.  Houstonians also dine out more than residents of any other city (4.1 times per week, compared with the national average of 3.1).  The average cost of a meal in Houston ($32.53) is consistently less than the national average ($35.10).  Initiatives from the mayor’s office are certainly a step in the right direction to help reverse this troubling trend.   MaRS in collaboration with Woreman Brand Agency chose to visually represent this dilemma by depicting a person exercising on a yoga ball while meditating over a kaleidoscope of ice cream cones.  The custom designed wall covering forms a distinctive lattice pattern resembling images of magnified fat cells.  This wall covering is presented in both positive and negative black and white versions in keeping with the dilemma of this theme.



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