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Over the course of a year, Jamison worked on the large golf tee artwork, which is built in 21 sections and features 31,500 bamboo tees, all hand-painted in 5 shades. The face is inspired by world renowned golfer Jordan Spieth. Jamison chose this local hero as the subject of the artwork as Spieth was born in Dallas in 1993 and became an outstanding legend of the game, inspiring millions of golfers around the world. It took 6 months to fine-tune the design and then a further 6 months to create the wall sculpture. The tees are inserted into a soft grey foam, installed snugly into a bespoke wall in The Victor’s Sports Lounge. The portrait is 14 feet long and stands at 9.5 feet high. Jamison attempted to capture the intense focus in Speith’s eyes, that moment just after he hits a shot when his jaws, lips and eyes freeze still, that split second of total concentration.


Jamison states: “It has been wonderful working on this project with Kelie Mayfield, Erick Ragni and Rachel Grady of MaRS. The Victor’s interior architecture is like a beautiful museum, with the lobby sculptures offering a striking focal point that connects the exterior to the spacious interior. With high ceilings and an abundance of natural light flowing into the lobby, the space is infused with an uplifting ambiance of positive energy. It feels like a sculpture garden with pedestrians animating the elongated figures as they walk past on the street. It has been a delight to work with such a professional team in Texas, proving once again why MaRS win so many awards as they deliver a unique interior design with artistic flair and bespoke magic.”


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