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 “Table the Motion: MaRS’s Answer to Chronic Board Meeting Nappers” 2015


2016 HiP Award for Motile



Designed by MaRS for Decca, the Motile table was envisioned as a dynamic focal point for executive brainstorming sessions for closed and open environments.  The table has a diverse and customizable set of amenities that can be called upon or seamlessly tucked away depending on the specific needs of the user.  Personal storage units, printing stations, powered drawers and even a pull out bar are just a sampling of these amenities.  Additionally, with its height adjustability, Motile can easily transform to facilitate a range of meeting types, from a traditional seated meeting to a brief stand-up brainstorming session. Throughout the design of the table, MaRS embraced Decca’s veteran craftspeople and pushed the limits of precision.  Every seam and material transition of the table has been carefully considered, studied, and placed. Inspired by the refinement and passion present in exotic automotives and haute couture, MaRS expanded standard conferencing table material options by wrapping the table base in a rich leather and offsetting it with contrasting stitching.  Continuing on that theme, the lift mechanisms are shrouded in a custom black chrome finish, repeated in the flush metal base that grounds the folded veneer plane.  The lacquer corners are a study in refinement with tight tolerances, concealed hardware, and well appointed finishing both inside and out. With an aesthetic that bridges the gap between traditional and modern, corporate and residential, Motile is the transformable conferencing solution that adjusts to the varied needs of the modern workplace.


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