Deep sea exploration and offshore drilling is the focus of this start up company who is backed by an established Russian based energy firm. The design of the project was inspired by prospects and interests the company is seeking in South America and it’s predecessor company in West Africa.  Walking into the reception is to resemble delving into the bottom of the ocean floor.  An undulating ceiling with programmed flittering lights give the effect of sunlight filtering through the waves onto the ocean floor. A double height wall emanates light and bubbles filtering light into the voluminous space.  The reception desk resembles a quartzite rock woven in with some african wood.  Every detail of this office space is inspired from the functions and working of the company - creating a brand for this burgeoning company.


“Kelie and Erick are an amazing duo and compliment one another very well. They  designed and delivered a project on time and within budget and it was impeccably executed.”


- Renee Baker Director of Facilities Management  PanAtlantic Exploration

  (formerly Vanco Energy)


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