PRIVATE EQUITY FUND: providing growth capital to energy companies



 A boutique investment firm that has deep roots in the oil and gas sector.  Their offices are located on the second level of a prestigious retail development in central Houston, Texas.  The space draws inspiration from the geological underpinnings of the energy exploration process along with the founders’ strong interest and involvement in the blossoming Houston art scene.  The space conveys a strong visual identity, critical for building confidence from potential business partners.  The language of geologically mapped fractures and fissures was employed to carve the form of the main reception volume and seating area.  These fractures subtly refer to the residual space where fossil fuels tend to congregate.  The design of the reception desk is similarly influenced by layers of fractures in the earth’s strata with the negative space of illumination replacing that of fossil fuel deposits.  Safety is a primary concern in the energy business and the team utilized safety yellow as an accent throughout the space including within a custom fabricated chandelier.  A custom coffee table made of over 2200 linear feet of stacked dowels pays homage to the interesting connection between the oil field wildcatter and the consumption of cigarettes fittingly appropriated in popular culture as the ‘Marlborough’ man.  Seeing this company conducts business in scandinavia, the team selected a color palette inspired by classic Scandinavian art and design.


“The MaRS team has a unique talent for producing projects that meld art and design into a seamless space on any type of budget.  As art collectors and active memebers on the board of the CAMH and Blaffer Gallery, we found that MaRS has a keen sense of reinterprreting a client’s program into a creative artistic design solution.  They are always striving to push the boundary between art and architecture into a seamless entity.”




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