This London based recruiting company has offices around the globe and wanted an international modern aesthetic for their Houston location.  Vibrancy and youth is the character of the space and also what makes up the demographic of their employees and the space needed to match up to these characteristics.  The floor to ceiling glass was part of the design feature of the building so circulation in this office plan occurs along the sweeping edge so everyone could take advantage of the views.  All the program requirements such as conferencing rooms, receptionist, manager office and coffee/copy bar were all combined together to create a floating box within the plan.  Trading desks and stylish breakout seating areas make up the remainder of the office.  The company’s mission words were transformed into a long runner along the floor with key words that are meant to inspire the employees as they walk to their workspace.  The angled wall appears to float with a mirror running along the bottom edge to reflect the inspirational words.  The color palette is neutral warm woods and grays which are offset by vibrant color accents and furniture pieces.


“We knew what we wanted, an office design that provides efficient and functional space planning, however we achieved much more than that, the design was cleverly thought out, with timeless features and use of colours that add many dimensions to our open plan area. The reception area is a real talking point, for all the right reasons, the cluster of light bulbs above our reception desks, not only conveys the energy market that we work in, but also demonstrates one of our company’s core values, energy. In short the features, design and finishes are beautiful, our staff love their office and they are proud to bring people to it, I am just sorry that I have to work in our London office which looks pretty boring in comparison.”


- Michelle Cullen, Director of Property, SThree Plc


“Managing a project from London is always challenging, however Mars were able to provide excellent on line tools, which meant we could change and create a fantastic workable space together.  They were exited about using the European style furniture we requested, and where able to add their own flair with a fantastic colour palette.  We were kept informed of any changes and challenges throughout the project, Mars  offered practical solutions and were able to deliver the project within budget.”


- Ingrid Stuart, Head of Property, SThree Plc


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