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Brendan Jamison’s International Sculpture Studio received a commission to create 10 artworks for The Victor, a new Hines skyscraper at Victory Park, Dallas. This project is the brainchild of Mayfield and Ragni Studio (MaRS), an interior architecture and design company in Houston. Jamison was asked to make the world’s largest golf tee artwork and 9 thin figures from steel and resin. The elongated figures are titled ‘Stretch’ and will remain on permanent display in The Victor’s lobby. The sculptures were shipped from Northern Ireland to the USA, with Dallas art technicians installing the works during May 2021. The abstract figures evolved throughout the design process. The final concept saw the removal of the arms and feet to offer slender shapes to better interact with the verticality of the lobby. Each body appears to form out of an abstract lump at the base of the legs. Jamison’s sculpture partner Mark Revels oversaw the creation of the tall figures, ranging in height from 12 feet to 8 feet. The abstract bodies have an internal steel skeleton with metal rods that descend from the base into the concrete floor. This was deemed the best method to create stability for the slender sculptures. After welding the steel shapes of each figure, the body is created with many layers of resin. The 9 figures are finished with a

bronze patina.


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