With the goal of making an immediate and significant statement about its place in the energy investment banking business in Houston, Texas, this client required a work environment that exudes a sense of timeless sophistication and functional rigor.  The project consists of three floors of office space with a well appointed reception area tailored to the needs and expectations of potential partners and investors. The conference center is defined by two flanking boxes at each end of the building core distinguishing private conference spaces from the public corridor. When open, the oversize conference pivot doors extend the space and views to the exterior from the corridor side. When closed, the conference spaces operate with a high degree of prerequisite privacy.  A three bay conferencing area is equipped with operable walls making it convertible into a large town hall style meeting space for larger gatherings.  The offices were planned along the building perimeter with significant glazing to allow natural light to flow directly thru the adjacent workstation zones. A site specific art installation was commissioned for the repetitive wall segments along the typical office fronts and is inspired by the maps generated for energy investment opportunities.  The design team curated the art collection to help integrate with the architecture and reinforce various aspects of the company’s brand.  All of the art was selected from local galleries supporting local artists.


“I have had the privilege of working with MaRS on the design and build-out of my growing company.  In every project, MaRS routinely exceeded my expectations.  A unique aspect of MaRS is their commitement to integrating art, including emerging local artists, and storytelling to their architectural projects.”


-  Bobby Tudor, CEO, Tudor, Pickering Holt & Co.



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