This temporary installation for a four day art fair takes its initial inspiration from the work of emerging artists featured in the TX Contemporary Art Fair. Themes common to the Houston environment, economy and lifestyle give the installation a local derived dimension.


ENVIRONMENT: A grid of floating red umbrellas makes reference to Houston being classified as the 6th rainiest city in America.


ECONOMY: Houston’s port is America’s second largest and we celebrate this by enclosing the VIP lounge with the literal means of modern containerized cargo transport.  Red intermodal shipping containers and stacked wooden shipping pallets define the limits of the space while recycled wooden cable spools act as occasional side tables.


LIFESTYLE: The ongoing effort to change Houston’s unflattering image as one of America’s fattest cities is recognized in the use of red exercise balls bound together to form custom lounge seating units.


ELEMENTS: Other design elements include custom designed marquee light fixture wall elements highlighting the acronym ‘TCAF’ in a grid of red and silvered light bulbs.  The look is reminiscent of vintage ‘honky tonk’ signage frequently found in the region.  An interactive piece asks patrons to write their responses to the questions “Art is?” and “TX is?”.  The results will be incorporated into a piece to be included in next years’ art fair.  Two unique drawings created by the design firm were used as graphic imagery behind the bar areas.  The use of Red is woven throughout the installation to help reinforce the TX Contemporary brand and signature red logo.


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