This energy company is tied to prospects in the deep sea off the west African coast and the owner’s had an appreciation for mid-century design.  The inspiration was derived from the geological maps the engineers and geologist use and the shifting strata studied to find oil discoveries.  The floor plan has subtle shifts as one moves through the space creating areas of openness and restrictions referencing the maps being studied by the company.  These subtle shifts in space create a visual interest as one moves through the office space.  The ceiling element was a unique feature to the design of the reception area where shifted planes resembling plate tectonics shifted and overlapped one another creating light fissures at the openings harkens to oil deposits in the earth’s crust.  Handmade glass walls line the reception area gives the illusion that one is under the sea, a subtle reference to the company’s offshore prospects.  Afromisa, an African wood, and African sculptures are placed throughout the office space to connect the employees to where the core business is located. The company logo of a black oil drop on white paper is translated into the floor of a black and white terrazzo floor which crosses the reception area connecting the coffee bar.  The result is a modern space with hints of the company brand and story sprinkled throughout this office environment.


Kelie Mayfield and Erick Ragni worked on this project while at DMJM Rottet


“I am very proud of our office environment that Kelie and Erick designed. The design subtly brands our company and I enjoy being able to tell a story about my office space and how it relates to my core business.”


- Gene Van Dyke, CEO  Van Dyke Energy (formerly Vanco Energy)


“Kelie and Erick are an amazing duo and compliment one another very well. They  designed and delivered a project on time and within budget and it was impeccably executed.”


- Renee Baker Director of Facilities Management  PanAtlantic Exploration (formerly Vanco Energy)


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