The W Dallas-Victory's hotel recently went a makeover of 250-plus room, corridors and luxury suites.  MaRS design inspiration is taken from where the superhuman ideal of the iconic marlborough man meets the majestically enhanced fantasy of the cheerleader goddess. Rough yet refined, intertwined in a culture both high and low. Dallas is expressively masculine and profoundly feminine. Proud and stubborn, yet genuine and unapologetic. Dallas is a city of contrasts, grandeur, celebrity and spectacular wealth. It is in this intersection of glitz and glam, high and low and hyper-gender fantasy where MaRS' finds their inspiration.


Twisted woven ropes, durable ageless denim, individual malleable hides, the luscious viscosity of oil, the distressed surfaces of weathering wood, and the unashamed brandishing of immense gems are just a few of the locally derived tactile inspirations embraced. Honky-tonks, themed neon, chromed mud flap girls and the ubiquitous presence of taxidermy and Texas football all contribute to the cultural inspiration. Striving to present a portrait of a place that is not clearly definable, that at times is messy and defies simple categorization. W Dallas is a space of reluctant coherence, one where stubborn individuality is accepted and celebrated. Relying on the constant juxtaposition of seemingly contrasting references to provide a richness of reading worthy of Dallas and well beyond the simplicity of stereotypical historical narratives. This is a modern Dallas in a modern America.

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