Function, mood and harmony are the factors that spell the difference between designer bedroom and the usual.  This collection of custom designed bedroom furniture pays homage to mid-century design.  The dresser and bed platform are encased in flat cut walnut veneer a wood traditionally found in mid-century furniture pieces. This collection of bedroom furniture was designed for a small mid-century period home.  The Walnut wood veneer and details nod to the period style of the house but are executed with a more modern sensibility. The dresser is fitted with four white lacquer trays with compartments to place all the personal sundry items, which tuck nicely away from view. The platform bed and headboard has a built-in nightstand that includes a drawer for nighttime reading material and also a sliding tray fitted with chargers to power up electronics at night. Both the ZZZ Bed and ZZZ Dresser appear to float off the floor to allow more floor space in the tiny room.

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