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The custom office desk was designed for SWA’s front office.  This is the first in a collection of custom Rattan furniture.  The structure of the desk is comprised of bent ebony stained oak that frame inset panels of dECO Leather Recycled Leather Veneer and Rattan Cane Webbing.  The “L” shaped Webber desk is a freestanding furniture piece that is equipped with customized compartments to conceal and organize everything one should need for an office desk. It is equipped with Oak interiors which conceal wire management chases, file drawers, organized pencil drawers and adjustable shelving.  The ebony stained oak door fronts are adorned with vintage brass knobs and the door fronts with brass and leather handles.  The desk is raised up 6” with ebony stained oak tapered legs with brass Sabot leg caps.  The desktop is ebony stained oak with brass grommets strategically placed for optimal wire management.  Rattan Cane Webbing surrounds the desktop to provide privacy yet allow the desk to feel lighter and more transparent. The EcoDomo RLV Collection in Buffalo Natural Leather is an in inset panel below to provide complete privacy of the desk and everything concealed for someone’s personal workspace.



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