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These custom light lanterns were designed not only as screen room dividers but also as light lanterns to help illuminate the outdoor living space.  The boxes are each 7’ tall x 16’ long and 20” wide.  The panels are a custom interlacing pattern of Buffalo which is the signature icon of the development, Buffalo Heights.  The mirrored images create a pattern and texture when illuminated at night project a playful pattern on the ceilings and adjacent areas. The Buffalo patterns are created from Waterjet cut from ¼” aluminum plate. The finish was hand applied in a 4 step process enamel to create a refined look of rust brown and black oxidation.  The internal lighting is extensive LED fixtures to give it a maximum glow. Set behind the pattern metal panels is a frosted acrylic which magically floats behind the metal to give a depth and reveal.  There are no shadows from the internal structure just a playful illumination of Tantanka running across the outdoor room.


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